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One of the first signs that the roof of your house could be leaking and in need of roof repair may be a water soaked ceiling. It is crucial to determine the source of the leak immediately and take immediate measures as soon as possible to avoid the water leaking into your house. If not repaired quickly, water leaks left unchecked can cause wood rot, mould and structural damage to your house. You may want to get a certified approved and insured roofer inspection for broken or loose shingles, defective roofing and other items that could have fell on your house if you think you have a roof leak. This is where you can be rescued from expensive damage associated with long-term water leakage into your home by Roofing Contractors CT.

The first time that professional roof repairs are done properly will save you time and money. Our fully trained licensed roofers can easily and efficiently seal, fix and install any worn-out flashing or broken shingles to avoid further water damage to your house.

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Affordable & Easy Repair Options

Roof maintenance expenditures will range from $250 to $1500 on average, with many basic repairs being at the lower end of what we have seen over the years.

Not just doing a temporary repair job and hoping for the best is very significant. For a permanent fix, a high quality roof repair that fixes and corrects the root cause of any leak is important.

Flashing and sealants of good quality may make the distinction between a patch that lasts a few months versus one that lasts for the long haul. Quality products are really important, but as you probably already know, the true reason for a good repair is the person behind the tool.

We’ve been diagnosing and fixing cracks at Connecticut Shingle Roofing & Siding Contractors for over 25 years. Over the years, from plumbing vent pipe collars, missing shingles, blown off ridge vent, nail holes, dry rotted rubber boots, missing chimney flashings and just plain roof injury, we have seen almost every kind of roof leak imaginable.

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