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Do you want an accomplished slate roofing expert or a new slate roof installation for slate roof repairs? In addition to certified slate roof repair, Roofing Connecticut CT have proven potential and experience for the removal of slate roof tiles or slate shingles.

SLATE Roofing Installation

From the initial briefing that provides useful advice and precise pricing forecasts, the Roofing Contractors CT team of experts manages every detail of slate roof installation keeping in mind the creation of specialist design principles and project requirements, to the successful planning of the actual work site and carefully planned installation.

Along with specialised tools from trusted quarry manufacturers, our professional craftsmen have the perfect mix of roofing experience and high quality items.

Consult with our certified and insured team of roofing specialists for trained guidance and a variety of cost-effective slate roofing solutions, if you want slate roof repairs for your residential house, a government building, historical establishment, or a place of worship.

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Slate Roof Maintenance

Roofing Contractors CT provides proactive roof maintenance services that include timely replacement of broken tiles, tightening of all loose slates, crack and ridge sealing, and repair of tar and cloth in the chimney foundation. Most costly slate roof replacements can be eliminated with routine maintenance.

We are a reliable roofing contractor who specialises in slate roofing systems and is eligible to tackle any construction or maintenance problem with slate roofing. For a free estimate and for answers to any roofing questions you might have, contact our helpful and competent team.

Slate Roof Repairs

In addition to repairing maintenance errors made by incompetent roofing contractors, the Roofing Contractor CT roofing team has repaired slate roof tiles and slate shingles that have endured for a century or more. We are experienced slate roofing specialists who are trained and certified to fit existing new tiles, restore slate shingles, copper flashings, and any other part of your residential or institutional slate roof structure.

Slate Roof Inspection

For residential slate roof systems or commercial property owners, like real estate brokers or home buyers looking to purchase slate roofing property, Roofing Contractors CT offers approved roof inspections. Roofing Contractors CT has a professional method of testing the slate roof and never steps on potentially brittle slate tiles or shingles.

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